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Not something I wanna remember…

This gave me a flash back. Just wish it hadn’t. You might have to replace spring break with Axis & Allies and Tax breaks with frozen margaritas, but you get the idea. -Kevin

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Computer assembly time!

I would like any suggestions to save money and maintain/increase performance. My main goal is to run WoW better. Harddrive 60@ I don’t need much space. I want reliablility, quiet speed and a great price. Monitor 160$ (Monitor went down to 150$

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Secrets of Ulduar

Ok, I’m a excited.. even though it’s the Titan lore that I’m not very fond of.. and it’s got more of the most annoying dwarf in the world.. I liked the new trailer for Secrets of Ulduar up at the

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Easy Peasy

I didn’t have one prepared, so here’s an easy peasy one (I’m figuring) to replace the stagnant WIT game.  I figured 2 weeks with not one guess was enough.  Kix wins!  Here’s my new one.. GO!

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Pretty Close

They aren’t spot on, but they are pretty close and an interesting look.. here’s a pictoral selection of real world location counterparts to WoW settings.  Give em at Removed due to spammer squatting on that site.

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