I’m a husband and father of four great kids! I work on a riverboat casino in Kansas City dealing dice.

Fiddling with this website takes up my spare time during the night hours. Yeah, I’m a night owl.


Google Voice: (913) 735-DICE  (3423)

Cell 913-306-3428

There is NO cutoff time for calling here… REALLY! My nights off from work.. Sun – Mon – Tues and you can call at 2 AM and it’s cool.. remember the bit about me being a night owl? The kids don’t wake up and Amanda understands and will always be cool about it.



If this purple box below is flashing ONLINE well.. my Trillian is up and running and I’m probably sitting in front of my computer!

Am I online or not? ICQ Number is 1281043 and nickname Qrescent

AIM ScreenName is Hadley711

Yahoo! Messenger ID is Hadley711

MSN (soon to be Live) Messenger ID is Hadley711


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Here’s my PGP Encryption Public Key.