Mass Invite

wowiconHere’s a way to mass invite everyone in the Dungeon Browser.  Say for.. Celestials?

Open up the dungeon browser, (obviously accessed on the “other raid” button of raid tab in social window.. sheesh) choose the boss you want to do, wait a moment for a name to show up then run the script.

/script local n,t=SearchLFGGetNumResults();for i=1,n do local x=SearchLFGGetResults(i); InviteUnit(x); end
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Net Neutrality Explained

This might be the best net neutrality video you’ll see… ever.

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Netflix Subtitle Fix

When streaming from “other countries” sometimes you’ll find there’s no menu option to get rid of the subtitles..  There is a way to force them off though:

Open notepad and save an empty .txt file to your documents folder.  Then change it to .dfxp.  Name it whatever you want to.. “nosubs.dfxp” for example.  The name doesn’t really matter.
Start the movie/TV show you want to watch.

Back to your movie on Netflix now.. hold down Shift+Alt (or Shift+Opt for Macs) and left click on the screen showing the movie. That should bring up the diagnostics menu.  If not try it in full screen mode.

Choose “Load Custom DFXP File”.

Load your empty .dfxp file and the subtitles will be gone.

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AuctionLite Fix

I’ve applied changes to a file that will fix the AuctionLite issues with very long search and buy out refresh times.

Copy this file, Util.lua to the AuctionLite addon folder, replacing the file that’s there. Enjoy fast auction house times again.

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Mouseover target name display

For Feardotkill..

/run SendChatMessage("Soulstone on "..UnitName("mouseover"), "raid", nil)

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Battlefield: Barrens

Would like to remember if you’ve done the Battlefield: Barrens (turn in 150 of each resource) this week but you just can’t remember?

Don’t fly out to Razor Hill and check.. just copy paste this into chat or macro it.

/run print("Battlefields barrens: ", IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(32862))

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Plug It In

Ever fumble around trying to plug in a USB device only to get it wrong seemingly way more than the 50% of the time you should? Next time just take a quick look at the “seam” on the USB plug. In a standard installation of a USB port.. that seam goes on the bottom. Now you know.

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Zemana Antilogger

Zemana AntiLogger

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Video Card Rankings

Here’s a simple chart with relative strength of today’s (it’s updated all the time) video cards in an easy to read list/graph..


Use it as a general guide only.  All the passmark scores (which that list is a summary of so that helps) are user submitted so there’s no set of controls to guarantee accuracy.  Take a large enough sample size and it’s a nice list of the general strength of the cards though.  Prices too! for ATI and  for NVIDIA

Those two show basic numbers of the cards.. how many stream processors.. memory bandwidth, clock speeds, pixels per clock etc.

Radeon HD 7850 looks to really pack a very solid punch for the money right now.

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@#$% Garrosh

“Hands drenched in blood“.. a look at the role of the Sin’dorei in this coming war.  A great lore piece about Lor’themar Theron.

Wait..what? who?

Lor’themar Theron.. you remember, the “leader” of the blood elves.  The one know one remembers or gives a second thought about.  Warchief?  “Nooo way” you say.  I’d agree.. it will probably be Voljin.  Here’s a nice exposition though, about what’s happening with Garrosh, the Horde, the Alliance and the fate of the Sin’dorei in all this conflict.

Doesn’t take too long to read, doesn’t go really deep into blood elf history but you’ll probably learn a couple things about the blood elves that you didn’t know and it’s a good exposé on their current affairs.

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