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Hell’s Club

Holy smokes that’s some pretty darn good editing right here.. Hell’s Club. Watch. Now.

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I’ve been working on the railroad….

The impossible has happened.  I got a job outside the business.  This afternoon, I was officially hired by Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe Railroad, starting on April 15.  I’m not working on the trains…yet…perhaps down the road I will.   But for now, it’s

Moving In Stereo

Pretty cool pictures.. switching between pictures taken with slightly different perspective, makes the images appear in 3D.. See more of them here… ok they aren’t amazing.. what do you want for 6 o’clock in the morning?

Burn Baby, Burn

Scientist trying to cure cancer, burns water.  Looks like it will need a lot of testing and money to find out what applications it might be useful for, if any.  Somehow I feel it’s going to be fairly inefficient but

Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards is a website that chronicles a list of people that have improved our gene pool by killing themselves in acts of stupidity.  (or rendered themselves sterile) The list has reported on the demise of these fools since 1991, circulating

Bad Girl!

A man put a 2 year old in their clothes dryer.. that had been running already, as punishment for throwing a tantrum. Well.. just read it here. He’s not the only retarded idiot.. happened in Perth, Australia a year ago and here in

Pretty Freaking Amazing

Content aware image resizing.. incredible dynamic altering of images.

King Of Kong

Ok.. speaking of Donkey Kong.. there’s a new documentary coming out about the decade long rivalry of two guys contesting the ultimate Donkey Kong high score.  Read that again.. there’s a movie coming out about Donkey Kong high scores. Ok

Best Halftime Show

This live “animation” halftime show is pretty cool.. I was impressed by it not totally messing up and falling into chaos.

Japanese Contraption

Japanese Rube Goldberg machine.. you don’t really need to understand a word they are saying. Not Japanese.. but it’s made from a Japanese car.. The Honda “Cog” video is pretty cool too.. uses parts from Honda Accord to make a two