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Two Gigs For Two Minutes

Happy Safer Internet Day. Google is offering a permanent 2GB bump in Google Drive space for looking over your basic security settings for Drive.

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Power Supply for Tirt

Cooler Master Elite V2 550w will do just fine. $27.99 after $20 rebate at microcenter if you are going there =)

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Net Neutrality Explained

This might be the best net neutrality video you’ll see… ever.

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Netflix Subtitle Fix

When streaming from “other countries” sometimes you’ll find there’s no menu option to get rid of the subtitles..  There is a way to force them off though: Open notepad and save an empty .txt file to your documents folder.  Then

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Zemana Antilogger

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Video Card Rankings

Here’s a simple chart with relative strength of today’s (it’s updated all the time) video cards in an easy to read list/graph..   Use it as a general guide only.  All the passmark scores (which that list is a

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Bad computer behavior

Started up the computer, everything fired up normally, no signal from the video card to the computer.  None, the monitor stays in power save mode.  Tried hooking up another monitor to the video card, nothing there either.  System doesn’t detect

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Flash Update

Protect yourself!  It’s not just for WoW players.. this can be used against you for any other sensitive info.  Adobe vulnerabilities aren’t generally made known through mainstream information outlets.  Here’s a heads up for you though. A critical vulnerability has

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