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Hello from Florida!

Having a great time here.. unfortunately, I didn’t bring the silly USB multi-card reader with us as we had no computer here on our trip.  Could have used it at this public library here in central Florida though to post

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Buffalo River

Well, Eric and I are back from our camping trip.  We stopped in Branson on our first night, on the way down and stayed in a hotel there.  Eric is a goober.. he thought that was the coolest thing, “living”

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A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love Is always true It’s all you need To get you through A mother’s love Can seem like hate She’s only tough To keep you safe A mother’s love Is always there In simple ways She’ll show she

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To The Mall

I love coal burning power plants.  I really do! However good I think my survival abilities might be out in the wilderness.. I  electricity!  The kids aren’t as much of “outside kids” as I was growing up but they can keep

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Déjà Vu

Crikett’s Yes/No question about wether you would go back and do it all over differently sparked a much too long response that I deleted out but I wanted to expound upon it a bit more.. If going back just inserted

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The BIG One-Oh!

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