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Hello Lance

Autonomous Collective Discord

Ask Madden

I use “Ask Madden” all the time.. what’s the issue?

World Boss Checker

Run this script in chat window to see if you killed world bosses on Draenor this week. Remember they work just like Celestials in MoP. You can win loot from only the first one you kill per week although you

Mouseover target name display

For Feardotkill.. /run SendChatMessage(“Soulstone on “..UnitName(“mouseover”), “raid”, nil)

Jack Reacher

Was surprised to see Paramount back in business with Tom Cruise.  The movie was funny and enjoyable even if there wasn’t any uncovering of the reasons why the bad guys were doing what they did. I think I can sum

AIE guild site

For John A

Hadley..You’re Goin’ Down..

Consider yourself warned. 🙂


Well boys and girls.. I’ve been goaded into starting up the What Is That? image identifying contest again..  If you are going to play along and you guess what the picture up top is, you’ve got to submit a new

Tank Gearing 4.2

Maintankadin 4.2 gearing list is a great reference for finding gear for the level of tanking you are doing.