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Net Neutrality Explained

This might be the best net neutrality video you’ll see… ever.

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Even less love for Ameristar

What little love I have for that company has now gone away…completely.  Some of you might know that my step-mom, Cindy, passed away last week from cancer.  The memorial for her is Monday evening.  However, upon notifying the company of

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Blizzard’s Bold Move

Blizzard’s seems to me to be over stepping their bounds in an attempt to kill WoW bot program.  Read more here about how it would be bad for copyright law.  While I couldn’t ever see myself using Glider and I totally

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I don’t even know what to say

Got this from a co-worker at Argosy (and I thought gaming geeks were only at Ameristar).  But, this was too ridiculous to pass up and NOT post it here.  Read some of the comments as well.

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Not Guilty?

I’m not much of one for celebrity gossip and scuttlebutt.. this was funny though.  Lebron James says he was speeding… says he was going over 100 mph.. admits he was doing it and got caught.  Reiterating that he made a

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Phoney As A $2 Bill

This is a little old, but I just read it (on Happened a couple years ago.  I can believe it.  I wonder if this guy did get some kind of settlement from Best Buy after he was arrested for

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Black Hole Of Need

WTF is it with the large number of stickpeople at work that refuse to do the basic job function of figuring out their prop bets… Last night, stick just refused to subtract losers from payoffs.. (no, not Joe Cat) would

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Trouble brewing at Wynn

Hey gang, this is baaad news for those of us in the gaming business. As we all know, Wynn is quite the stud when it comes to running a business. However, he’s doing something now that could spell trouble down

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Enjoy the Scientology Festivities

Scientology harrasment.. they seem sooo smart. wow.. “you look like a child molester” This would be funny if it were staged like the hypnotist but unfortunately it’s not.

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You can’t make this stuff up… Sylvester Stalones mother’s website selling her rumpology reports.. She’s got example rear ends… like a Hollywood Gigilo, a Jewish Princess and a Fortune 500 CEO butt among others displayed as if to be

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