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Never Tell Me The Odds

Ok.. this one time.. go ahead. Am I figuring this correctly? She has four (4) trinkets she can drop on heroic, right?  So there’s a 25% chance that one specific one will drop.. 0.25.  Now if we kill her 4 times

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Puggin’ Kara

Tard and I have an interesting drama story from a pug in Karazhan tonight.. I’ll tell more later.. I just wanted to get this link up for Kevin.. Listen to Puggin’ Kara, Kev. Ok.. here’s the “more later” bit.. I

What’s In A Name

Well.. I know we’ve hashed over a ton of names online.. how about we list our top, say, three picks here and the one most suggested wins?  Or at least top two voted on then or something..  does that sound like