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Death Magnetic

Not sure how many of you are “metalheads” or even into Metallica, but I thought I’d share my impression of the new Metallica CD with you.  It absolutely f’ing rocks, period.  It’s the best thing they’ve done since …And Justice

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Mah Nà Mah Nà

Nuh numma numma!! This is some Belgium TV skit comedian named Firmin Crets (his character is always an ex-boxer) with a couple of famous European pop singers Nicole & Hugo on some Euro morning  comedy TV show, doing the pop

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Wanna know what your favorite songs are really about? Here’s a great website with “Behind The Music” type facts (and a lot of wild speculation too) about all your favorite songs!  Link to the lyrics too..  There’s quite a

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Stairway to Heaven

Like you’ve probably never heard/seen it before.. I really like these two – Rodrigo y Gabriel. Those fingers really fly! Amazing (to me) accoustical guitar performances.

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Adam Sandler

Here ya go Dennis, sorry I didn’t get them up before..  If you liked the Hannukah Song, you should like these three. Lunch Lady Land Piece of $#!& Car Thanksgiving Song

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MP3 Encoding

Anyone have any suggestions for a high quality MP3 Encoder?  I understand LAME is good, but DOS command line stuff for ripping all my CD’s should only be waxed nostalgic about.. I’m just looking for a “hey try this it’s

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Lunch Lady Land

I just love this song… thought you all might too if you haven’t heard it in awhile.

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