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Hide/Show Desktop Icons

        Sweet AutoHotKey script to toggle desktop icons on/off by pressing Ctrl-D.  Just copy and paste it into your AutoHotKey.ahk script. ^d:: ControlGet, HWND, Hwnd,, SysListView321, ahk_class Progman If HWND = ControlGet, HWND, Hwnd,, SysListView321, ahk_class WorkerW

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Netflix Subtitle Fix

When streaming from “other countries” sometimes you’ll find there’s no menu option to get rid of the subtitles..  There is a way to force them off though: Open notepad and save an empty .txt file to your documents folder.  Then

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Plug It In

Ever fumble around trying to plug in a USB device only to get it wrong seemingly way more than the 50% of the time you should? Next time just take a quick look at the “seam” on the USB plug.

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Video Card Rankings

Here’s a simple chart with relative strength of today’s (it’s updated all the time) video cards in an easy to read list/graph..   Use it as a general guide only.  All the passmark scores (which that list is a

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Phone’s ringing, Dude.

I edited together an mp3 to use as ringtone.  I know at least Jason will appreciate it. [audio]

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Bad computer behavior

Started up the computer, everything fired up normally, no signal from the video card to the computer.  None, the monitor stays in power save mode.  Tried hooking up another monitor to the video card, nothing there either.  System doesn’t detect

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First and Ten

Interesting article about the techology used by the NFL for the Superbowl and most broadcasts of games.

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Now that you guys have posted your new computer set-ups/rigs whatever. Here is the keyboard you should be using. It is called the Optimus Maximus. Each key has an OLED display. I think the resolution is 48X48 pixels and 2cm

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Super Pi

It’s not the end all, beat all benchmark for a computer.. (is there one?) but SuperPi mod 1.5 popular little program to gauge changes in the speed of your computer for overclocking changes you make, etc… It calculates Pi out to

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Burn Baby, Burn

Scientist trying to cure cancer, burns water.  Looks like it will need a lot of testing and money to find out what applications it might be useful for, if any.  Somehow I feel it’s going to be fairly inefficient but

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