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Waiting on the oil…

As I type this, it’s Day 70 of the “Disaster in the Gulf”.  This thing has been botched by BP, congress and our President.  It’s something that never should have happened, but for so many reasons other than the obvious. 

Am I Missing Anyone?

Here is a little (Ok, pretty long) entry from my blog that I’ve been working on. I think I’ve got most of them but would still like your input… In the few years that I’ve been in the casino business,

Changing a few things

If you are here around this time.. things might look a little crazy.. I’m changing a few things around.

Streak comes to a close.

Wound up with 41 wins in a row in Empire at War ladder skirmish.  It was kinda bogus though because I lost to the number three dude in my 29th game, but the win/loss didn’t register with the ladder.  Two losses

Posted this blog from an email!

That’s right.. I sent and email and had it post to the website! Pretty darn snazzy if I do say so myself. Scott