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Few changes on the website.  Updated to the newest WordPress and I did it right this time.  Meaning I didn’t screw up any of the changes I had made customizing the theme, widgets I used.  The new version looks slicker on

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Go Back One Page

Easy as pie bit to get browser to go back one page. This simple link will return browser to the last page it was on.. no matter where it was. Just like hitting the “back” browser button. <a href=”#” onClick=”history.go(-1);return

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Header centering problem solved!

Hot diggity dog! After pulling my hair out for the better part of two days trying to get my linked header image centered in Firefox, I’ve finally arrived at solution! I’m learning (just a little) CSS on the fly, trial

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Website Icons..

 Have you seen those cool little icons in web browser address bars and next to saved bookmarks?  They are called “favicons” for “favorites icon”.  You won’t see them until you (re)bookmark a website that uses one.  Once bookmarked, a websites’ favicon will show

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