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OMG so Tom Brady yelled something at the Jet’s sideline.. from the middle of the field.. …so freaking what!  Is Rex Ryan that starved for attention?  Are his widdle feelings hurt so much? I guess so.

Even less love for Ameristar

What little love I have for that company has now gone away…completely.  Some of you might know that my step-mom, Cindy, passed away last week from cancer.  The memorial for her is Monday evening.  However, upon notifying the company of

I don’t even know what to say

Got this from a co-worker at Argosy (and I thought gaming geeks were only at Ameristar).  But, this was too ridiculous to pass up and NOT post it here.  Read some of the comments as well.

Today’s WTH?

I think the video speaks for itself..

Oops.. Our Bad.

The first recall was bad enough: A million-plus “Thomas & Friends” toys pulled because of lead paint. The second was surreal: The maker of the smiley-faced trains sent customers “bonus gifts” so they’d stay loyal — and now some of

Bad Girl!

A man put a 2 year old in their clothes dryer.. that had been running already, as punishment for throwing a tantrum. Well.. just read it here. He’s not the only retarded idiot.. happened in Perth, Australia a year ago and here in