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Current W.I.T. Image.. as yet unidentified.

Kixman sees his Holy grail in Hefner’s place.
OMG 100!

BoomBoom’s better than this Dita chick, and she knows it.

Jay recognized Union Station.

Craig might have been to Bloomington, MN to see the Mall of America

After I saw this Half Life 2 screenshot, I thought Kevin gave it to Jay maybe.

Jay didn’t know these were grapes but he won anyway!

Grant panicked but saw my shark.

I looked into Barack Obama’s eyes and I didn’t see the Oval Office.

Jason knew Bluntman & Chronic.

Frank found Charlie-in-the-box on his Tivo.

Scott likes a wet… cat.  Yes.

Grant recognized the dude that passed out behind the sofa at the last party at his house Vultan from Flash Gordon.

Jay saw a liver (even if he didnt’ know it was on a sidewalk)

Jason guessed “duck” in the middle of a list of around 150 birds so we ended the wood duck picture

I got the original draft of On The Road by Jack Kerouac. (need the big picture, BoomBoom)

Somebody BoomBoom got X-ray image of a solar flare on the Sun.

Kevin’s childhood planted in front of the TV finally pays off when he recognized the Mach Five from Speed Racer.

Then Jason tried to go all hard-core WIT by throwing a picture of Zangarmarsh to me.. weak sauce!

Jason IMDB’d his way to the City of Lost Children French art flick cover.

Popcorn continues reign as current WIT champion of the world..(the image linked isn’t the exact one I took it from, but it shows more of what it’s about than what I had to work with originally

Yours truly avoided all the consternation about what the “other” stuff was and went with the obvious, the General Lee.

Popcorn put Thatguy-like effort into seeing sign to Elk Cove from the movie Overboard.

Based on the findings of the report, Craig’s conclusion was that this idea to show only such a small part of the picture was not a practical deterrent for reasons which at this moment must be all to obvious that it is Dr. Strangelove.

Jay got the F-14 Tomcat fighter plane.

Popcorn stole this from Tim.. it’s the Hollywood sign upside down

The world is BoomBoom’s oyster.

Grant’s favorite comic book is The Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Funky Cold must be made of money to have these $50 gold coins around.

Craig’s not French, thank goodness.. he’s Dutch.  Or at least likes the Dutch beer Grolsch.  I win this one.

Craig’s French.. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Craig? Don’t answer that. He answered Jason’s WIT question though.. the Eiffel Tower.

Jason finally noticed Crazy Frog’s big lip once I showed it.

Didn’t take Craig too long with “Persistance Of Memory”

BoomBoom’s on a roll. The U.S. Constitution.

Kevin is a tool.  Kevin submited this rightside up picture of Donkey Kong that I guessed in 0.00425 seconds.

Kevin is a.. Kevin is a.. hmm.. I’m not sure what Kevin is because he knew this was a Fraggle from Fraggle Rock..  Not sure what that makes me because I knew her name!

Rosie the Riveter’s tool went “BoomBoom” and that’s who got this one.

This really was Arrowhead stadium!  I got it right!

Craig knows his cars… err.. Moon Rovers

Front gates of Bushwood Country Club is what I saw here.. submitted by Betty Noonan.. “It’s Frank, sir.”.. ok by Frank.

Frank bought a Squishee at this real Kwik-E-Mart.. he wishes.

-I don’t watch porn but even I knew this was Ron Jeremy.. come on Jason.. hmm probably shouldn’t say “Ron Jeremy” and “come on” in the same sentence.

ThatGuy was the “some other guy on some other job is Mr. Black” so was easy for him to know Mr. White from “Resevior Dogs”

BoomBoom saw the Smithsonian Castle. I could spend 3 days there, easy.

Kevin knew it was Kurt Cobain (sure.. easy when you see picture of his head still attached)

I am the greatest American Hero.. err.. WIT player!

Jay longs for Mel Kiper Jr.’s hair…

Why does Craig go to www.kipbrockman.com?  To buy Viewmaster reelsJay's 54

bluexiii is a Star Wars freak (too). I know because he knew there was less than 30 minutes till the Death Star came into firing range of the rebel base on Yavin 4. He didn’t notice that it was UPSIDE DOWN though.
Kevin was the first clever person to guess Area 51 for the 51st WIT.51

I got to play, that’s all I’ll say. Wrigley Field sign.

Thatguy finally got the hint and identified petrified wood. Then he sent me this above…

Thatguy’s sanity didn’t suffer figuring out Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”48

I got it! I saw a couple of major-league yabbos! Not like Marlene Desmond’s.. but still

BIFF! POW! Frank loves sliding on poles and men in tights. That’s how he knew this was the Batcave.

‘ello gov’ner. Jason wins a years supply of fish-n-chips for seeing Windsor Castle.
number 45

Craig’s a gearhead or he just likes good movies.. This was Milner’s ’32 Ford coupe from American Graffiti.
Back to normal WIT!

Kevin suffers from the same affliction I do.. seeing “ST” and always reading it in his head as “Sleeper’s Tomb” instead of “Sunken Temple” where this shot was from.

Seriously, people. I should stop right now. Thatguy wins again. The dude even knew it was Ring of Law arena part of BRD.
The Answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything!.... it's WIT number 42!

You all are a bunch of Horde only newbs. I give up on you, this is graveyard in front of Thermore in the marsh.
WoW 6

SpecialK heard voices when he recoginized the lightposts in Felwood.WoW 5

Crikett’s been to Ravenholdt Manor! Have you?
39 and WoW number 4

SpecialKevin got it right with Crystal Pylon in Un’Goro Crater.
WoW #3

Crikett jumped on this one.. it’s just outside Onyxia’s lair instance.. looking out through the maw of the dragon into Dustwallow Marsh.
WoW number 2

Thatguy saved a few WoW players sanity and knew this was entrance to Maraudon.Yes.. this is the start of a World Of Warcraft series..

Mike Lawrence (utters) thought you all were hookers when you didn’t see this was “crop circles” right off.. I kinda agree.

John Billings knows his frog spawn.. ok, he just guessed at it.

I saw my 30,000,000th dollar chip from Ameristar here
It wasn't me!

Thatguy saw sand.. and over here sand.. and over there sand.. that’s right it’s a friggin DESERT!

Dennis searched and came up with Bryce Canyon National Park. (Bryce Amphitheatre in the picture)

I finally got the point.. and I understood that it was Inigo Montoya’s sword.

Kevin beat me to Jules Winnfield’s wallet. He can have the “Bad Mother F’er”, I’ll keep the $1500 that was in it.
Click me to see the ..BIG.. version

Craig saw that this was an inverted picture of Darth Vader’s chest.. took him about 0.45 seconds.28

Kevin is a shining beacon of hope to us all.. He saw the Statue of Liberty.

Thatguy is a..well I won’t get into it.. suffice it to say he likes The Beastie Boys and their License to Ill album.

Jay is part of the new “CATHOLOSISM, WOW!” campaign and has a new “Buddy”.

Frank, of course.. I just knew it would be HIM that recognized Cpt. Chaos from Cannonball Run.

Phanos, whoever you are from England (fitting) would take Miss Moneypenny up on her offers. (shot was from James Bond – Goldfinger)

I let this one go to Jay with the incredibly generic “It’s a Chevy” because he did figure it was from a ’57. He just didn’t know a ’57 nose from it’s @ss.

Hey fellas, have you heard the news? Craig recognized the cover of Led Zeppelin 2. Nobody seemed to remember it’s other name “The Brown Bomber”, though.
21 small

Jay recognized My Fast. Jay didn’t recognize that My Fast doesn’t like it when he gets it so quickly.
20 small

Craig finally figured out.. without having ever seen this wonderful movie, that this was the plate on the StarCar from The Last Starfighter.

Frank says this WIT win is “mine. mine. mine.” The annoying birds in Finding Nemo.

Craig’s brother Jefferson is gonna kill him for wrecking his car in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Jay uncovered the depths to which my zooming in will go and finally discovered the Titanic here.

Craig stabbed his brain with a Q-tip and it told him this was an x-ray of Homer Simpson’s head.
number 15

Jay cornered Douglas Quaid trying to sneak a gun through the subway’s security checkpoint.
number 14

T.W. was thought the pencil sharpener was a dull choice.

Jay avoids getting 4200 rounds/min of 30mm ammo dumped into his chest because he recognized the A-10 Warthog.

Jay saw Andrew Jackson on a new $20 bill.

Craig wasted too many quarters in the arcade and knew it was monster on side of a Space Invaders game.
number 10

Jay raises the bar with the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima.
number 9

your_hero007 saw that this was obviously rain on a screen.
Number 8

Michelle identified The Usual Suspects from this lineup.
What Is This?

Chris Moore saw that this image is of a penny.
number 6

Frank – Moon’s shadow cast on the Earth during a total solar eclipse in 1999. Photographed from the Mir space station.
number 5

Fireworks.. that was easy.
number 4

Crager724 – Front colums of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.
number 3

your_hero (Frank) got that it was Sauron’s Eye atop Barad-dur.
number 2

Bluexiii (Jay) identified the Tantive IV & Devastator.
number 1

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